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Speakers at Nordic Seminar 2020

Marjo-Leea Alapuranen

Marjo-Leea Alapuranen works as a sign language interpreter at Via Sign Language Sector Cooperative. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in sign language interpreting and a Master’s degree in English language. In her master’s thesis she analysed interpretation between English and Finnish Sign Language from a multimodal and multilingual point of view.




Hilde Haualand

Dr. Hilde Haualand is an associate professor at the Department of International studies and Interpreting at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, where she is the head of the section for sign language and interpreting. Some of her publications are on sign language interpreters and professionalism, sign language interpreting services and the impact on service provisions, the politics of video interpreting, disability, identity and marginalization, deaf people and transnational connections, sign language ideologies and. She edited the book Tolking – språkarbeid og profesjonsutøvelse with Anna-Lena Nilsson and Eli Raanes in 2018.



Päivi Kluuskeri

Päivi Kluuskeri is a Finnish Sign Language Interpreter. Graduated in 2005 with BA in Sing Language Interpreting and in 2019 with MA, Master of Humanities in Eumasli program (European Master in Sign Language Interpreting). Her Master’s Thesis research title was Who Is My Voice Today? -  Deaf Professionals and Representation. She works as a community interpreter in the company Tulke Oy and is based in Turku, Finland. She has experience in various interpreting settings, but her interests lie in work life interpreting and interpreting into spoken language.




Saija Kuronen

Saija Kuronen is a Finnish interpreter who works predominantly between Finnish and Finnish Sign language. She has been a practitioner since 2006 and in 2019 she obtained a European Master in Sign Language Interpreting (EUMASLI) degree from the Humak University of Applied Sciences. Currently she works as an in-house interpreter in the Finnish Association of the Deaf, but she has experience from educational and community interpreting as well. Throughout her career she has been especially interested in reflecting and refining team interpreting practices.




Minttu Laine

Minttu Laine has graduated as a sign language interpreter in 1994 and 2008. She now works in Jyväskylä University (Finland), with Finnish, Finnish Sign Language and English as her working languages. Her work consists of educational interpreting, workplace interpreting, and conference interpreting. Minttu’s previous work experience include community interpreting and other sign language related work. She holds an MA in applied linguistics (2016), and is currently in the early stages of her PhD studies on interaction in sign language interpreting.




Anna-Lena Nilsson

Dr. Anna-Lena Nilsson is currently Professor of Signed Language and Interpreting at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. She has more than 35 years of experience as a signed language interpreter (Swedish Sign Language/Swedish/English), in a variety of national and international settings. Professor Nilsson has trained interpreters since 1994, and was part of the team planning the BA-program in Sign Language and Interpreting launched at Stockholm University in 2013. She is a member of the assessment panel for the WFD-WASLI International Sign Interpreter Accreditation, and was also part of the team setting up a national accreditation system for Swedish Sign Language/Swedish interpreters.




Nina Sivunen

Nina Sivunen, MA in Education. Currently working as a doctoral researcher in Centre of Applied Language Studies, University of Jyväskylä. Her research interests are deaf asylum seekers’ linguistic and semiotic resources in interaction, deaf refugees’ narratives, linguistic ethnography, language ideologies and assessment of sign language proficiency. She has been a visiting researcher at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has worked as a project researcher in National Certificate of Language Proficiency and has been involved in developing work in FinSL proficiency levels and assessment criteria. She also has worked as a sign language and as a classroom teacher.



Elina Tapio

Elina Tapio is a principal lecturer at the Humak University of Applied Sciences, Finland. She is doing ethnographic research on signed interaction with a particular interest in space, multimodality, and multilingualism within the framework of Mediated Discourse Analysis.






Hanna-Kaisa Turja

Hanna-Kaisa Turja works as senior lecturer at Humak - University of Applied Sciences. She holds a Master’s degree in General Literature and a Bachelor’s degree in Social sciences. She is particularly interested in technologically oriented interaction and conversation analysis.






Virve Viljanen

Virve Viljanen, Occupational Therapist (BSc) Finland, Psychiatry, Helsinki University and Helsinki University Hospital, Outpatient Clinic for Multicultural Psychiatry. Virve Viljanen is a sign language interpreter as her first vocation since 1995 and has done clinical work in her second profession past 7 years as a sign language skilled OT in Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum seekers. Clientell also include deaf refugees and migrants. Part of her focus when working with e.g. deaf refugee clientell is to assess the occupational performance in language skills and possible mental health issues visible through the language.



Maarit Widberg-Palo

Maarit Widberg-Palo, Master of Education, Solution-Centered Professional Guidance, Sign Language Sector Cooperative Via Maarit Widberg-Palo, native sign language user. She has a versatile job description in Via where she works as a planner of training activities. She has a vast experience of interacting with people coming from different backgrounds and of working with people belonging to different age groups. Maarit has trained sign language interpreters in mental health interpreting, on encountering demanding clients and on how to interpret for immigrant people. Currently Maarit is enrolled in MA program majoring in linguistics of FinSL. She will also graduate from BA program in sign language interpreting.


Veera Wusu

Veera Wusu has worked as a Finnish sign language interpreter since 2005. At the moment she works in Via Sign Language Sector Cooperative in the Middle Finland. She holds MA in sign language interpreting from Humak university of applied sciences. Her Master's thesis investigated aspects of cooperation between deaf professionals, interpreters, and interpreter service provider when aiming to achieve well-functioning work-life interpreting. In addition to her work as an interpreter, Veera studies in a Master's programme of languages, globalization and intercultural communication in the university of Jyväskylä.