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Bitte klar Bild gebärden

Julia Ruf / 5.4.2024

In her thesis titled "Bitte klar Bild gebärden – Systematic Promotion of Modality-specific Translation and Interpretation into German Sign Language in L2/M2" Julia Ruf underscores the crucial role of this study in advancing teaching methodologies for L2/M2 learners and refining the training of interpreters proficient in sign language.

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The data for this qualitative study was generated by deaf signers taking a judgment acceptability task rating two versions in German Sign Language (DGS) that are based on the same source text (ST). The aim was to answer two research questions inquiring if signed texts in DGS applying Modality Specific Strategies (MSSs) were perceived as more natural, more idiomatic and/or more intelligible than the corresponding version without MSSs. The second research question went a step further by asking how these two versions of the same ST were described by deaf signers.

The data has first of all shown a clear tendency with participants favouring the version with MSSs in 80% of the cases. Furthermore, it has identified priorities, preferences and needs the participants expressed: the consideration of modality-specific features and related linguistic properties of DGS to ensure an understanding of and accessibility to the text, while at the same time respecting the factor of entertainment.

Empirical research in the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) of Signed Languages (SLs) is scarce, but still essential in order to inform and improve practices in teaching L2/M2 learners, as well as training interpreters who work with SLs (SLI). Therefore, this study can be seen as a contribution to the body of literature. Secondly, the findings have strong practical implications on the training of SLIs, as they are expected to know about deaf signers’ preferences, priorities and needs and meet them in their interpretation. To meet those expectations, it is suggested that the Modality Specific Strategies (MSS) can be used as a didactic tool that allows teachers and instructors to pinpoint linguistic features in DGS resulting from its underlying iconic structure and to show L2/M2 students how to apply them systematically in their own DGS signing.

The thesis is available on the Theseus database.