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Language Experts is the home for all language specialists. Our members work in various fields as translators, interpreters, specialists of multilingual communication and beyond. We have a diverse group of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and salaried employees as members.

Language Experts (Finnish: Kieliasiantuntijat, Swedish: Språkexperter) is a Finnish trade union for people working in multilingual communications, translation and interpreting.

The organization is governed by a board that consists of active members from different fields. That work is supported by two paid employees, an executive director and a specialist, who ensure that the vision and purpose of the organization can grow. The employees also represent the organization in events, committees and decision-making both in Finland and abroad.

Board of 2022

Suvi Seikkula, chair, Ilona Repponen, vice chair,
Marjo-Leea Alapuranen, Martin Hausen, Henrik Hurme, Anni Korpiluoma, Nike Parland, Anna-Reetta Vienonen, Hannele Ruokonen, Senja Sakko, Siri Väänänen
Anitta Malmberg, deputy member