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Strength in numbers

We support our members, our members support us.

Language Experts’ strength as an organization comes from an extensive network of partners that work towards similar goals. First and foremost, our aim is to improve the working life of language specialists. We achieve this through the work of our board and active members in committees across different associations and collaborative projects. Read about our board here or here (in Finnish).

Language Experts actively works with businesses and educational institutes to improve work in Finland’s language professions. We also regularly visit students at universities that educate language specialists to give them a look into the professional world early on.

Language Experts also promotes the wellbeing of our members and the community of language specialists. With our partners we aim to develop legislation, status and our members’ working conditions. We also give a voice to those who do not necessarily fit into the categories of salaried employee or entrepreneur. We encourage people to find the best means of employment for them and support them in that.

In order to achieve all these goals, we work with many different organizations domestically and internationally. Language Specialists is a member of the following organizations:

  • European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association EULITA
  • Sanastokeskus TSK
  • World Association of Sign Language Interpreters WASLI
  • The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters efsli
  • AudioVisual Translators Europe AVTE
  • Akava Special Branches