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A short history of Language Experts

Language Experts is the home for all language specialists, whether they are employees, freelancers, or entrepreneurs.

Language Experts was founded in 2019, when Translation Industry Professionals (Käännösalan asiantuntijat KAJ ry) and the Finnish Association for Sign Language Interpreters (Suomen Viittomakielen Tulkit ry) merged. Today, our organization has nearly 3,000 members nationwide. We are the only trade union for multilingual language specialists in Finland.

The members of Language Experts represent a wide range of professions, such as interpreters, translators, technical communicators, terminologists, editors, coordinators and project managers. Language professionals occupy linguistic roles as well as supportive and management roles in all sectors of the economy.

Our umbrella organization Akava Special Branches (Akavan Erityisalat) supports our members in multiple ways as well. Akava Special Branches is in turn a member of the trade union confederation Akava. Read more about the Finnish labour system and network of organizations here.