Siirry sisältöön


Students are the future. As an organization, Language Experts wants to support new professionals from the very beginning. We want to be there to support them when they start their studies.

For students and beginner language specialists Language Experts offers a range of service designed with their needs in minds. We are often invited to speak by teachers and education providers. On top of that, we support student organizations, visit events, help develop degree programmes and additional training, and provide information on possible career paths.

Our services that benefit students and new language specialists include:

  • CV and job application clinics
  • Career advice
  • Legal advice on employment contracts
  • Thesis subject selection support
  • Scholarships

Students are exempt from membership subscriptions if they are not in work. This means students whose only income is student benefits and student loans pay no membership subscriptions. This is our way of lowering the threshold for membership as much as possible from the start.

Student members can contact our office via email at