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Let’s interact! - Making effective connections with colleagues and the sign language community

Nordic Seminar 2021 programme

All times are in Helsinki time (UTC +2)

Friday January 29

12-13:00 Lines are open for testing

13:00 Welcome to Nordic Seminar 2021!
Opening of the seminar by hosts Liisa Halkosaari and Tiina Saarijärvi-Kivelä

13:20 Keynote: Being in the moment: learning that interpreting is about interaction not just language
Christopher Stone, President, World Association of Sign Language Interpreters

13:50 Discussion in breakout rooms

14:20 Short break

14:30 Summaries of the discussions

14:45 A message from our Gold Partners

15:00 Messy and chaotic or patterned and complex? The functions of chaining in educational interpreting
Elina Tapio and Marjo-Leea Alapuranen

15:25 Interactional spaces, accessibility and engagement
Minttu Laine

15:45 Discussion in breakout rooms

16:20 Summaries of the discussions

16:45 Lockdown Laughter - Gavin Lilley show

17:00 (ish) Closing of day 1


Saturday January 30

10.00 Good morning!
Let's start another conference day

10:05 Team interpreting in multidirectional multi-party interaction
Saija Kuronen

10:25 Discussion

10:40 Short break - fill up you coffee cup

10.50–12.15 Parallel Workshops

a) Allies for change: how can interpreters and deaf people work together? PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is fully booked.
Hilde Haualand & Anna-Lena Nilsson

b) Discussion Forum: Challenges in signed interactions and sign language interpretations with deaf refugees in mental health context
Introduction: Virve Viljanen, Maarit Widberg-Palo

CANCELLED: c) Multimodal interactional skills as a point of departure for interpreter education
Elina Tapio and Hanna-Kaisa Turja

d) Discussion Forum on interpreter training
Introduction: The future prospects and educational needs of sign language interpreting in Finland
Päivi Rainó and Gun-Viol Vik
Discussion lead by Liisa Halkosaari


12:15–13:15 break

13:15 Magical break
Mikk Engman, Deaf Magician

13:30 Summaries of the workshops

CANCELLED: 14:00 Success through sharing and cooperation: interpreters and deaf professionals
Veera Wusu - (a new topic will be confirmed as soon as possible)

14:20 Social break - choose a language and join a conversation room (optional). Also chance to fill up you coffee cup.

14:40 How does it sound like? Representation of deaf professionals through interpretation
Päivi Kluuskeri

15:00 Discussion in breakout rooms

15:30 Summaries of the discussions

15:50 Closing of the Conference


Conference languages: English, International Sign
Interpretation during workshops to be confirmed.

Conference venue:
Online via Zoom


The conference is hosted by

Language Experts, Finnish trade union organisation for sign language interpreters as well as translators, terminologists and other language professionals, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) and Humak University of Applied Sciences.

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Finnish-Norwegian Foundation


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